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If you have personally experienced the power of the Color Code and would like to bring it to your organization – or even to your personal clients – it’s time to take the next step by becoming a Certified Color Code Trainer!

Our training is fresh, relevant, engaging, and life/career-changing—it’s also fun and easy to deliver.

Through the certification process, you’ll gain behind-the-scenes insights into the unique Color Code methodology so that you can help your employees, students, and clients achieve better results in their personal and professional lives.


Have you heard the saying that “life is a journey, not a destination?”

We have taught the Color Code all over the world for over 30 years. We’ve learned a thing or two along the way, and now we would like to share our experience and knowledge with you to enhance your journey.

You have people to reach, help, educate, inspire, and instruct; and we have a MOTIVE-based tool like no other in the world to help you do just that.

We can help you help others create a deeper sense of self-awareness – the most foundational building block for developing soft-skills and emotional intelligence – improve their ability to communicate, increase their leadership capacities, and just be more effective human beings in general.

But the person who will benefit the most from this knowledge and experience is YOU!

After attending this 2-Day Trainer Certification event, you will never see yourself or others in the same way again. This training will serve you throughout your career, and for the rest of your life.


The Color Code Trainer Certification Program is offered LIVE, Online at various times throughout the year. It is a highly interactive experience, taught in small groups via private webinar.

No airfare, travel days, hotel fees, or car rentals necessary!



(Yes, you read that correctly.)

Generally when you pursue a Certification Program, you expect to pay any number of fees: registration fees, licensing fees, royalty fees, etc. Our business model has been recently modified to allow you to certify without paying any fees, and we’re sure you’re going to like it.

More on this in a bit…


The 2-Day Trainer Certification Course is designed to certify trainers in the most efficient way possible so that they are classroom ready when they complete the program. Our world-class tools and instruction make that entirely possible…
but we have so much more to share, and we are absolutely committed to your success!

FREE On-Demand Training

Trainers who complete our certification process become part of our Color Code family and as such, enjoy total, complimentary access to our brand new trainer learning portal: Color Code University (CCU), where new and more advanced training is available 24/7 anytime you want or need it.

FREE Ongoing LIVE Training

As a Certified Color Code Trainer, you will be invited to participate in regular, LIVE, follow-up trainings sessions where you can develop additional skills in areas such as:

  • Advanced Color Code Knowledge
  • Sales & Negotiation Skills
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Webinar Facilitation
  • New Color Code Applications
  • Workshop Setup
  • PowerPoint & Keynote
  • Lead Generation
  • Offer Creation
  • Presentation Skills
  • Client Customization
  • Website Creation
  • Team Building Strategies
  • Marketing Automation
  • ...and more!

You can participate in these training sessions LIVE, or view them once they’ve been archived in our CCU learning portal.

Start sharp, and stay sharper as we help you continue to build and develop your skills and repertoire as a trainer, coach, or consultant!

**Please Note: All follow up sessions and the recordings available in the CCU learning portal are completely optional for those who want to participate and would like the extra help. They are NOT required to obtain or maintain your credentials as a certified trainer.**


We all need a hand from time to time. That’s why as a Certified Trainer, you are always welcome to contact our support team for help, and it won’t cost you a penny!


This course is designed to benefit in-house training personnel as well as independent trainers, consultants, and coaches.

In-House Training Professionals

  • Following certification, you are free to utilize our materials at a substantially discounted rate as part of your employee development programs.
  • Your cost for putting each participant through our training program is Only $49 per person (see the section below on “Done-For-You-Student Materials” for more complete information).
  • Independent trainers commonly charge $249 per person (plus travel expenses) to conduct the same program. Therefore, your cost savings is significant every time you hold a session!
  • The license you receive through our program is completely portable and will reside with you personally even if your career ever moves in a different direction.
  • This course will build your skill sets as a trainer and facilitator. It will help you become a more effective leader and person in general. What you learn here will serve you in many ways throughout your career and your life.
  • …And, you will undoubtedly help and inspire countless others along your way!

Independent Trainers, Consultants, and Coaches

  • Add a workshop that is a proven winner to your list of services to generate more revenue from existing clients, or use this program to start your own training, consulting, or coaching business!
  • We do allow (and encourage!) independent trainers, consultants, and coaches to use our program for profit.
  • As you will read below, all of the facilitator and student materials have already been created for your use. Any amount that you charge your clients above the wholesale cost of our student materials is yours to keep with no royalties to pay!
  • Once certified, you can use this program to create results in any market. There are over 7 Billion people in the world, and the good news is that each one of them has a personality!
  • That means that whether you focus on leadership development, sales effectiveness, couples work, team building, individual success coaching, or any other soft-skills related topic, you can find a niche market that will work for you.


If you have a passion for training, and can see yourself involved in this kind of work, we invite you to apply. Everything that trainers need to be able to teach The Color Code Interpersonal Skills Workshop will be carefully reviewed during this course.


(Has anybody ever thought that reinventing the wheel was a GOOD idea?)

When you attend our 2-Day Trainer Certification Program, we make sure that you have everything you need to start training right away. In fact, you will receive copies of all of the exact same professional tools, workshop enhancers, and activities that we use when working with our own clients.

You will look good, be prepared, and have everything that you need to create results for your clients easily. We want you to be able to represent our content well, and create success for yourself and/or your organization in the process.

The Following is a List of the Facilitator Resources that will be Made Available to You:

Facilitator Guidebook

Set up workshops and links to the Color Code Personality Assessment. View participant results, and access contact information.

Slide Decks for both PowerPoint and Keynote

Look good with our professionally designed and audience tested PowerPoint and Keynote presentations.

Online Personality Assessments

Utilize our online Color Code Personality Assessment with an unlimited number of links so you can keep track of your participants and marketing campaigns.

Trainer Tools Dashboard

Set up workshops and links to the Color Code Personality Assessment. View participant results, and access contact information.

Nametag Generator

Instantly create nametags for your workshop participants complete with a custom pie chart representing their scores in each of the four Color Code categories.

Trainer Learning Portal

Color Code University – Access ongoing learning opportunities and trainer resources. Participate in live and/or recorded events.

Team Building Activities

Increase participation, engagement, and fun in your workshops with some of our favorite team building activities.

Relevant Movie Clips

Utilize Hollywood movie clips legally and ethically to enhance the quality of your presentations.

Icebreakers & Energizers

Mix-up the energy and increase audience engagement by utilizing some of our favorite exercises.


Deliver an impressive and completely cohesive classroom experience by utilizing our integrated student materials; also known as our “Participant Packets”.

These student mkaterials are designed to help your attendees follow along with your workshop, participate in the built-in exercises, understand how to actively apply what they are learning, and to help them retain their newly acquired skills and insights.


Each Participant Packet comes pre-bundled with the following materials:

1.  Color Code Assessment with the fully upgraded, Comprehensive Analysis

This is the version of our assessment that we sell online for $39.95. It includes a 20-page customized analysis of Primary and Secondary Color Code Motive Types, personal strengths and limitations, and recommended development activities.

2.  Personalized Name Tag

Our participant name tag is customized for each workshop attendee with a pie chart displaying that individual’s scores in each of the four Color Code categories. This provides an excellent visual both during the workshop and potentially afterwards as well.

3.  Participant Workbook

Our 40-page workbook allows each participant the opportunity of following along with the presentation while being able to make key annotations along the way. It also outlines several important applications including the building of specific relationship action plans.

4.  Code Cards

Our Code Cards are one of our most popular tools. They are a pocket-sized, quick reference guide to important Color Code concepts. We utilize them in our workshops to encourage participants to continue to practice and apply what they learn long after the class is over.

5.  Audio CD Download

This one-hour MP3 recording is designed to help Color Code Workshop participants continue to learn and brush up on important concepts discussed during the presentation. It encourages retention and application in an engaging format.


This year all participants in our Color Code Trainer Certification Program will receive a Universal License, which will allow you to train Color Code workshops anywhere you want to train – for the organization you work for, or even for profit. (This applies to In-House Trainers as well).

There are no geographical limitations to where you can train and since the license will reside with the trainer who is certifying, it is portable from organization to organization – or even into a freelance training or consulting environment.


As a certified trainer, you will have access to our products at wholesale pricing, which is on average, about 50% off of retail prices.

This makes training inexpensive for organizations and even more profitable for independent trainers, consultants, and coaches.

The Best Part is...


Most programs would charge you a hefty certification fee for a program of this caliber. You might also expect to pay annual dues, licensing fees, and/or royalty fees along the way.

Historically, we used to charge the same kinds of fees… until we found a better way to create a win-win scenario (and we’re very excited to share that with you NOW!)

Here’s what we are offering trainers this year… and it is unprecedented:

If you agree to purchase 50 sets of Participant Packets at the wholesale price of $49 per set (remember, these are the student materials you will need to teach the workshop anyway), we will give you access to everything mentioned above for FREE.

That means:

  • We will NOT charge you for Trainer Certification (normally $3,500)

  • We will NOT charge anything for our Facilitator Tools

  • We will NOT charge annual licensing fees – ever (normally $1,500 per year)

  • We will NOT charge annual licensing fees – ever (normally $1,500 per year)


50 Participant Packets x $49 per set = $2,450 + shipping

(*Shipping within the US is $75.00. Rates outside of the US vary by location.)

No other fees will be assessed, period.

That means you will receive access to our:

  • Trainer Tools Dashboard
  • On-Going (Optional) LIVE Training
  • CCU On-Demand Training Portal
  • Nametag Generator
  • Movie Clips
  • Slide Decks for PowerPoint & Keynote
  • Wholesale Pricing and
  • Unlimited Support
  • Trainer Tools Dashboard
  • On-Going (Optional) LIVE Training
  • CCU On-Demand Training Portal
  • Nametag Generator




Choose From Two Convenient Payment Options:

Pay-In-Full Option:

Pay the $2,450 + shipping upfront (and we’ll throw in $1,000 worth of extra assessments as a thank you!)

Payment Plan Option:

We can set up a 6-month, interest free payment plan for you.

For example: In the US, when you include $75 shipping, this option works out to be $420.83 per month for 6 months


We understand that a skeptical person might look at this and wonder what the catch is here… After all, we are giving you access to materials that took decades to develop (and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process) without holding anything back.

(And, you can get it all for the wholesale cost of the materials that you would need to teach a couple of classes anyway.)

Here’s our philosophy. We know that:

A) Large organizations with training and development staff are going to want to train this themselves (as opposed to bringing in external facilitators), and if we don’t allow for that, they will simply use another program – even if it’s inferior.

B) Many Independent Trainers, Consultants, and Coaches are working in so many different areas and affecting the lives of people who we might not ever even hope to be able to reach. For example, we have Independent Trainers working in areas such as abuse recovery, troubled teens, churches, veterinary clinics, fitness, and even car sales… And we LOVE that! We might never have reached individuals in those markets without our Independent Trainers.

- AND -

C) If people change the way they think about relationships, their lives and our world will only get better and more abundant. In other words, we want the Color Code to be a household name. We wholeheartedly believe that what we do can make an enormous difference in peoples’ lives, and that they need to hear this message.

Apply now and speak with our program director before you commit to anything.

Click Here to Apply Now


While we do not place limitations on the number of In-House trainers who can certify in our program, we do limit the number of Independent Trainers, Consultants, and Coaches who qualify for certification annually. In 2024, we have limited this group to 100 licenses total.

Independent licenses are limited because while we do want enough trainers out in the marketplace, we don’t want so many to the point where trainers are colliding with other trainers. We have never had problems of that nature and would like to keep it that way. We also want to get to know you and be certain that we have enough staff members available to assist with the needs of all of our trainers. If you are interested in participating, we encourage you to apply now!

Once you submit your application, you will be able to schedule time to talk with our Training Director. During that conversation, you can ask any questions you might have about our program and tell us a little bit about what you would like to accomplish once certified. As we get to know each other, we will create a mutual understanding about whether we’re a good fit. If we are, you will be invited to formally register for one of our upcoming sessions.

Don’t delay! Apply now to secure one of the 100 spots available this year.

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When you certify this year, not only will you enjoy not having to pay our standard fees (as mentioned above, you save $3,500 upfront and $1,500 per year), we’ve actually decided to add even more value to the program through some exclusive bonus materials.

Bonus #1:

Color Code Product Library

As a Certified Trainer, you will be the Color Code expert to your audiences and individual clients. That’s why we have decided to include a comprehensive Color Code Product Library so that you can continue to build your knowledge and understanding of the program.

You will receive a copy of each of the following items:

The People Code, softcover book,
by Taylor Hartman, PhD

This is the book that started it all. It is all about The Color Code and has been featured on The Today Show, The View, by Gail King – Editor-at-Large for O, The Oprah Magazine, and by hundreds of radio talk shows, articles and various experts.

Playing Life to Win, softcover book,
by Taylor Hartman, PhD

This is a follow up to The People Code. It focuses on building character beyond the Color Code. It encourages and teaches how to eliminate your personal limitations and acquire new strengths outside of your Core Color.

Dealing Effectively with Different Personalities, 6-Disc Seminar Series

These six audio CDs are recorded by Color Code creator, Dr. Taylor Hartman. The first CD is a one-hour live keynote speech delivered on The Color Code. The sixth CD is a one-hour live keynote speech delivered on The Character Code. CD’s 2-5 focus on each one of the four personality Colors in depth. CD 2 focuses on the Reds. CD 3 on the Blues, CD 4 on the Whites, CD 5 focuses on the Yellows.

Color Code Personality Assessment for adults (paper version)

While the online assessment is more accurate, we also want you to see the paper version of the assessment in case you ever need to work with groups whose employees don’t all have access to computers.

Color Code Personality Assessment for youth (paper version)

This version of the Color Code Assessment is best utilized for children who are too young to understand the vocabulary of the adult version of the profile. It can be completed with the help of parents or other adults.

Hartman Character Code Profile (paper version)

The follow up program to The Color Code is called The Character Code, and this profile is included to help you understand its basic principles. We discuss basic Character Coding ideas as part of the Color Code Certification Course.

Bonus #2:

Proposal Templates

Gain access to proven proposal templates. These will make your client presentation fill-in-the-blank simple. Our templates continually generate ongoing revenue for Color Code workshops and presentations, and we want to give you access as well.

Bonus #3:

Client Testimonials

A great way to showcase the power of this workshop is simply to share what other people have said about their experiences. When you get certified as a Color Code Trainer, you don’t have to start from square one. You will be using a proven system and tools. This program has generated countless testimonials and praise from past clients, and we are including a list of these for you to share so that you can enjoy instant credibility!

Bonus #4:

10 FREE Color Code Assessments with the Fully Upgraded, Comprehensive Analysis Report!

A great way to showcase the power of this workshop is simply to share what other people have said about their experiences. When you get certified as a Color Code Trainer, you don’t have to start from square one. You will When you certify, you will receive a special link that will deliver 10 FREE Color Code Assessments to those you choose to share them with. We are including this bonus with the idea that you can share these with friends and family members; however, you are welcome to give these out to whomever you choose.


At a price of $39.95 per assessment, this bonus alone has a real value of $399.95!

Claim your seat and these amazing bonuses right away!

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Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Apply now completely risk free.

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When you certify as a Color Code trainer, you will find yourself in elite company. The following is a very partial list of organizations that have participated in our Color Code Trainer Certification Program:

...and dozens of others!

Like the organizations listed above, it’s time for you to join the Color Code family!

Click Here to Apply Now


Do you feel drawn to this program, but are unsure whether it’s the right fit? Trust your intuition and apply online anyway. Part of the application process includes a brief and informal phone conversation so that you can ask any additional questions you might have about the program. During that call, we’ll mutually determine whether this is a good fit for both of us before you commit to anything.

Please don’t wait… Our classes tend to fill up very quickly. Reserve your spot today.

If you have been inspired by the Color Code and see the potential that it would bring to your organization or to your personal clients, please apply now. We will give you access to all of our tools and do everything in our power to help you succeed in sharing the Color Code Interpersonal Skills Workshop with your audiences—wherever they may be.

If you have personally experienced the power of the Color Code and would like to bring it to your organization – or even to your personal clients – it’s time to take the next step by becoming a Certified Color Code Trainer!


"This was the most insightful train-the-trainer class I have ever attended. This is life-changing, informative, and I can’t wait to share it with others."

Tod Smith, Kroger Logistics

"The experience not only prepared me as a facilitator, but also provided insight on a personal level. Thank you for both gifts. I will benefit from them daily."

Marcie Wiles, Dillons Stores

"If you love to help people this is the training for you! You will help people in both their professional & personal lives. I have found my calling! Thank you Color Code for changing my life and in turn helping me to change thousands of lives for years to come!!"

Shari Clark, Independent Trainer

"This course has helped me gain an understanding of the Color Code that I have always wanted. Before, I just thought it was about understanding myself but it goes so much beyond that. This is something I really feel can change my life and others’ for the better."

Jason Hyer, Independent Trainer

"Jeremy delivered a fulfilling training that allowed participants the opportunity to learn and practice the Color Code material. Participants had fun and left feeling very confident. We are ready to spread the Color Code!"

Lauri Perdue, University of Phoenix

"The Color Code Trainer Certification Course has set me on a new path to fulfill a passion to help others understand themselves and others. It has given me a new purpose in life and I am truly blessed and grateful for the Color Code!"

Theresa Patton, Independent Trainer

"This training prepared me to build a business with the possibility of truly helping people to build and improve their lives. Thank you!"

Michael Hancock, Independent Trainer

"If you’re looking for a way to set your clients up for success, the Color Code Trainer Certification Program can provide the foundation."

Glen Howard, Wells Fargo

"This class was AWESOME! Trainer was great, information top-notched. Look forward to help others understand why they do what they do. Thank you!!"

Jerry Keating, Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada

"Although I was familiar with this assessment prior to the class, this certification course truly opened up the many opportunities & various aspects the Color Code offers & can be used for."

Roxanne McDaris, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

"What started as a 4-hour presentation has now turned into an operating philosophy of tolerance and understanding. People on our staff are communicating better with each other because they are looking at themselves first rather than at the person with whom they are having the conflict. It has also been a great tool for the management team. We have incorporated The Color Code into hiring practices as well as into our employee evaluations. Once again thanks for everything – your training concepts are incredible and your staff is an absolute pleasure to work with!"

William Beerman, Director Patient Administration, Intermountain Healthcare

"Never in a million years would I have imagined, much less understood, why I did things the way I do. This class not only helped me to understand my “lack” of action (yes, I’m White), but it also made me feel good about who I am—and the special abilities I have because of my color. Thanks so much. I look forward to training this for years to come."

Cindy Petrelli, NV Energy

Thank you for your interest in obtaining information on our Trainer Certification Program. We kindly invite you to apply now.

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Please note that unique experiences and past performances do not guarantee future results. All referenced testimonials are not intended to be representative of typical results, nor are they a guarantee or promise of any results. Rather, individual successes vary and are due to myriad factors such as effort, knowledge, techniques, timing and experience. Please click here for our full Earnings Disclaimer